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 We work with most insurance plans including BCBS
and are an approved TRICARE provider (with medical referral).

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We have a proven record of satisfied customers and are a reputable company in the Southern Illinois area. We ensure that all products we sell are trustworthy, durable, and made of the highest quality materials, all while offering customers the support and accessibility they deserve.


Honesty is the only policy. We strive to complete all inquiries with integrity and honesty. We offer a wide range of products from the most reliable brands in the industry and are one of the most trusted hearing care centers in Southern Illinois.


We commit ourselves to researching and learning the best, most current solutions for hearing loss. We use the best technology and tools to ensure that all services are done quickly while ensuring everything is done correctly the first time.



types of hearing aidsTop Hearing Instrument Manufacturers

At Hearing Health Care Centers, we provide a wide variety of products from the top hearing instrument manufacturers, and we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted hearing care centers in the area. We proudly service our customers while maintaining the highest standards and exceeding expectations at all levels. We fit and service most major manufacturers' products and work with most insurances.



How often do you ask people to repeat themselves or ask your spouse what's been said?  Is your television loud enough for the neighbors to enjoy or do you struggle in noisy environments? It may be time for a hearing test.

Hearing loss can occur at any age. At Hearing Health Care Centers, we can evaluate your hearing and determine if you are a candidate for a hearing aid. We can help determine what type of instrument is right for you, and do a custom fitting to make sure your hearing aid fits properly and comfortably.

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Tips On Cleaning Your Hearing Aids


How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

You may be a candidate for a hearing aid if you experience some of the following:
- Ask people to repeat themselves often.
- Ask for the television or radio to be louder when in a group.
- Have trouble hearing a telephone conversation.
- Have trouble hearing in a public gathering or in a movie theater.
- Have trouble hearing someone talking in another room or when you can’t see their faces.
- Think people are mumbling or speaking too softly.
- Avoid starting conversations.
- Have trouble following a conversation when more than one person is talking or in a noisy environment.

Do hearing aids require any maintenance?

Like all electronic devices, hearing aids require regular maintenance and occasional repair. This can include cleaning, replacing batteries, adjusting for optimum fit and changing filters on a regular basis.

What type of hearing aid will be best for me?

There are a number of considerations for you when choosing a hearing aid. Some types provide better function for severe hearing loss, are easier to clean and handle, are more or less visible, have features such as a volume control, and have longer or shorter battery life. We offer all of the most popular types of hearing aids, and can help you make the choice that gives you the best service at a price you can afford.

What if I can’t travel easily or live in an assisted living facility?

In some cases, we will travel to your facility. Call us for details.

What types of insurance do you take?

We work with most insurance companies.

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